Candlelight Labs is an independent game studio and mobile app shop located in Columbus, OH.


The name Candlelight Labs can be explained in two parts. First, the act of creating games, media, and entertainment, is a highly complex, creative, and experimental process, whereby thousands of tests and iterations are done before finding something that works. The process is akin to that of a mad scientist more than anything else. Therefore, classifying the production as a sort of laboratory experiment is appropriate.

Second, this creative process usually happens in the wee hours of the night, after the days' tasks are done, the creative juices are flowing (as are the espresso shots), and there are less distractions to get in the way of making awesome games. For that reason, it's usually by midnight oil or candlelight (or LED backlit screen light from a MacBook Pro as the case may be these days) that game development work gets done.

We hope you try our games and have fun!