Shoot for the stars and rescue the Princess in this gravity-based physics puzzler!


A Pocket-Sized Space Odyssey

You always dreamed of being an astronaut, but the galaxy isn't always friendly to young spacefarers like yourself. All you wanted to do was sneak out, play some tricks on the Earthlings, and get back in bed before anyone noticed… but you and the Princess were attacked by space pirates! Just like your parents warned you about.

Now, the Princess has been captured, and your ship is damaged. You're going to be in big trouble. Luckily, the Princess left behind a trail of stars to help find her, and you remember some gravitational physics from school. Use the gravity of the planets to navigate the hazards of space and rescue the Princess!


Futuristic Features

  • Innovative, physics-based gameplay based on gravity
  • Challenging spatial and temporal puzzles
  • An entertaining storyline
  • Handcrafted levels that can be solved in multiple ways
  • New gameplay elements as you advance keep things fresh
  • Beautiful space-themed graphics
  • A fun way to learn how gravity works
  • An immersive soundtrack
  • Funny achievements
  • Space aliens, lasers, and big explosions

An Evolving Story

Metric: Pegasus Sector is only the first episode in this space opera, and more episodes are on the way. Launch your spaceship today and see if you can collect all the stars!



You can download our press kit here.